'Last year was chemotherapy, this summer is liberation' - Metro US

‘Last year was chemotherapy, this summer is liberation’

Ever since Lisa Airst won our Turning Point New You Makeover Contest in Metro she has been on a path of change and self discovery. In February, Lisa touched our hearts with her story of courage as she battled breast cancer and a career change. After winning the $10,000 prize package that included expert career counselling and workshops from NEXCareer, Lisa plunged into her makeover right away.

“My career counsellor Sandy Johnson has gone above and beyond my expectations. My performance and endurance levels have been raised and I’ve learned so much. Finding a job is like dealing with cancer. Sometimes you have bad days but you just keep going.”

Lisa also received some good news from the hospital.

“I finished treatment three weeks ago and my health is good,” she said. “That was a milestone. Last year was chemotherapy. This summer is liberation. This has been a life changer but I’m very appreciative. Life is good and I have a feeling it’s going to get even better.”

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