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Latest home fitness craze puts ‘yoga on the ropes’

Still looking for the best way to get fit this January?

If you’re up for a challenge, why not try working out while hanging out?

“TRX Suspension Training is exploding on the fitness market,” says Geoff Bagshaw, group exercise director of Denman Fitness in Vancouver.

TRX training involves ropes, bands and straps and uses gravity and body weight to get a full workout.

The straps can be attached to a door or any elevated fixture, so it’s a go-anywhere workout.
It may be best to sign up for a class, to see if you like it.

TRX training has been called “yoga on ropes” because of the effort involved in staying balanced.

It’s a great workout because it provides cardio, flexibility and strength training.

It can be done by people with any level of physical fitness, and experts say you should expect to be sore the day after you work out.

No pain, no gain

The TRX trainer was originally designed by a Navy SEAL trying to slap his squad into better shape.

“Lately, we have seen a huge growth in its use in group fitness classes at fitness facilities worldwide,” says Bagshaw.

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