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Latest Instagram update gives you a new way to judge your friends

Instagram update: emoji slider

The latest Instagram update will include a new poll feature that will give users an interesting way to let your friends know how you feel about them.

The emoji slider sticker in Stories will let users answer questions using a sliding scale function instead of two simple answers. For example, when using Instagram Stories you could ask your followers how they feel about the latest episode of a popular Netflix show or share their thoughts about a new album that was just released and friends can drag an emoji up or down the scale to give a rating. You’ll be able to check and see how users respond and see an average of all the responses received.

Up until now, users select one out of two pre-determined responses, which were mostly yes and no or true and false questions. It seems that Instagram wants to enhance the way its users interact with each other and this latest Instagram update appears to do just that.

How to use emoji slider sticker in the latest Instagram update

To use the new Instagram emoji slider sticker feature, simply select it from the array of Instagram stickers after taking a photo in Stories. Write out your question and select an emoji that best suits your question. Users will be able to rate your Instagram Stories post by interacting with the slider. You’ll be able to see how many people interacted with the poll sticker.

According to Instagram, the new feature is part of the version 44.0 in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  If you’ve already updated your Instagram app and don’t see the new feature, you may want to close the app and restart your device. You could also try deleting your Instagram app and reinstall it. Don’t worry, your account will not be deleted if you delete the app from your mobile device. 

New instagram update emoji slider sticker for IG Stories

This latest Instagram update is part of a series of recent updates that include new augmented reality effects, a bullying filter and a redesigned explore tab.

The new Instagram feature isn’t really groundbreaking when it comes to ways to engage with audiences on social networks, but it does add a new way to measure how users feel about what they see. The new feature could be useful for influencers and brands to see how people feel about a new product or brand. For example, a soda company could launch a new campaign where they allow their Instagram followers to rate a new soda can design and whichever one receives the highest rating, could be put into production. 

Only time will tell how individuals and companies will use data from the new Instagram emoji slider sticker. 

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