Latest on Josh Gordon Patriots Redskins Cowboys – trade close? – Metro US

Latest on Josh Gordon Patriots Redskins Cowboys – trade close?

Latest on Josh Gordon Patriots Redskins Cowboys – trade close?

Based on Las Vegas odds and the latest rumblings around the NFL, it looks as though the Patriots Cowboys and Redskins are the most likely teams to trade for Josh Gordon. It is not entirely clear what the final straw was for Gordon in Cleveland, but ESPN reported that Gordon “broke the team’s trust” on Saturday when he reported to the team’s facility with a questionable hamstring injury.

Things are expected to move extremely quickly when it comes to a Gordon trade or a flat-out release. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that it’s likely that Gordon is traded before Monday and that the Browns prefer to trade Gordon out of the AFC. You can bet on where Gordon will land now at Sugar House sports book.

One would think that would rule out the Patriots but given how infrequently the two teams play one another, Cleveland may be willing to budge. The two franchises have made many moves with one another over the past decade, including a shocker of a deal two years ago at the trade deadline involving linebacker Jamie Collins.

That said, that particular blockbuster deal was not made by current Brown GM John Dorsey – who got the gig this past December. Dorsey doesn’t have much of a history with Belichick, other than the fact that both were raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Dorsey is a product of the Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid tree. He also replaced former New England executive Scott Pioli as Chiefs general manager earlier this decade.

Belichick prefers to do business with executives that he is close with, so that’s further reason to believe Gordon will be sent elsewhere.

But until Gordon lands somewhere other than Foxborough, the Patriots will continue to be rumored as a top destination. The Pats have a plethora of 2019 draft picks to trade off, making them a major player for any name on the market this fall. The Patriots are currently listed as having 10/1 odds of landing Gordon in a trade.

The customary “Josh Gordon was spotted at Logan Airport” Reddit post came across Saturday night too, but there have been zero real reports that Gordon is currently anywhere but in the state of Ohio.

The Cowboys are 2/1 favorites to land Gordon in a trade, while the Redskins have 12/1 odds. All of these teams mentioned have significant needs at the wide receiver position but at the same time all of them have not been interested in Dez Bryant. Gordon makes Bryant look like a choir boy by comparison, though Gordon is two years younger than Bryant.

Look for a Gordon trade to go down Sunday night, after most teams have played their Week 2 games.

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