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Laugh your face off at FunnyFest

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, to get to the FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, of course. And while there might be the odd chicken-road joke splattered in there somewhere from a non-cheese, dark and dissected vantage-point, the Metro-sponsored event kicks off today, runs until May 11 at nine venues and will feature 40 shows en route to its historic half-millionth punchline.

Where past years may have focused more on adult entertainment, the eighth annual installment will have something to offer for everyone, said FunnyFest executive director Stu Hughes, adding he had two heart attacks yesterday due to opening day preparations and now finds himself hooked up to a car battery.

“It’s going to be a buffet of belly laughs,” Hughes said. For more information or for tickets, call 228-7888.