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Launching Metro Bet – New platform for sports betting content

Metro Bet

Today we are launching a new service for those of you who are so passionate about sports that simply watching the games on TV or in the stadium is not enough. For all of you who live and breathe sports: love analysing the games, love the banter on social media, love rooting for your favorite teams and love rooting against your rival. For those of you who are ready to risk your own money to prove the point and feel the thrill of winning. If you’re “all in” on sports or even if you’re just a casual fan – we have something you may like — a new platform with betting advice designed to help you to make more educated decisions and beat the odds.


Why we are launching MetroBet.us

The proverb says that the best is the enemy of the good, but for most of us good is not good enough. We want better. We want more. It involves the desire enjoy everything and every moment to the maximum.


Watching sports is no exception.


There are millions and millions of people — myself included — who want their sports viewing enhanced. Not by a prettier picture, or by different camera angles, but by making seemingly meaningless sporting events actually mean something. And the easiest way to “make things more interesting” is the idea of winning money while watching the games.


Due to a recent Supreme Court decision, sports betting will soon be available in many states of our country. It’s already thriving in New Jersey, with Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts soon to follow. It means that in the very near future, most Americans will be able to place bets legally. This is why my Metro colleagues and I are ecstatic to launch “MetroBet.us,” a service that will allow you to bet more intelligently and will give you a greater chance of winning. MetroBet.us will now appear in Metro print on a daily basis and is already starting to gain great momentum online at MetroBet.us.


Why you should bet on us

We are journalists, and the quality is very important for us — we double, often triple check all the information that we serve our readers. What’s even more important is that we are unbiased and have a strong moral code. We don’t have agendas. We simply want you to win, and will live or die trying to deliver you the best content and information to be able to do so.


We aim to giving you the latest sports betting information and direction on how to gain an edge. In addition to a boatload of sports betting content, we will also have fantasy sports advice and the latest fantasy news. Of course – as with everything – betting should be done in moderation and responsibly. We will also be touching on that subject.


On top of that we will have breaking news on casinos, sports books, and online betting and gaming sites that open up. We will have guides on the best sports books and sites that give you the most bang for your buck.


We aim to raise the stakes. We aim to help you bet better. And to win. As in all sports — the whole fun is about winning, after all.


We are building something here and it’s still far from perfect, so let us know how we can improve. Write us to community@metrobet.us. Your voice matters to us.

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