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Learn to manage your time

If you’re the type who envies colleagues that balance work, school, hobbies, a relationship and still have time for a fulfilling social life, take heart — time management is a skill that can be learned, says Barry Moores, instructor of Centennial College’s new time management workshop.

“All of us — everyone, without exception — would like to have more time,” he says. “This workshop gives people the opportunity to see what planning and long-term vision can do for them.”

The workshop “basically goes through a lot of the principles of managing time effectively,” says Moores. “It’s not just about managing time, but also making effective use of time, understanding various methods for setting priorities, and being able to do work more effectively — it’s all part of the same overall process.”

Lessons are structured around “learning points,” such as strategic planning. Students begin by dividing goals into short-, middle-, and long-term. “We’ll ask them to list five short-term goals and objectives they would like to reach and how they would go about doing that,” Moores says. “Planning is key.”

Attitude is also emphasized. “Whether it’s losing weight or planning our time more effectively, if you approach it with the right attitude, you will have more of an opportunity to be successful at what you’re doing,” Moores says.

There is also a significant stress management component. “If you are more proactive and less reactive then you will have more control, and when you have more control you have less stress,” Moores says. “It’s not specifically a stress management course, but if you’re following the process you will be lowering your stress.”

Feedback has been positive. “Like any good training it’s interactive,” says Moores. “It certainly isn’t sitting there and being lectured — that’s a very low-retention way for any training to take place.”

The next time management workshop runs on March 21 at Centennial College.

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