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Learning about the battle of the bulge

Like the extra weight around your middle, the indie flick “Lbs.” seems to stick around. The coming- of-age story of obese Brooklynite Neil Perota (Carmine Famiglietti) was cast in 2000, began filming in 2001, hit Sundance in 2004 and arrived in New York theaters this year. But now it’s reaching the end of its run — tomorrow night is its last screening at Big Cinemas Manhattan (239 E. 59th St.), an occasion being marked with a special question and answer period with the film’s director and cast.

In “Lbs.,” Perota has a heart attack and ruins his sister’s fairy-tale wedding. So he exiles himself to a dilapidated trailer in upstate New York to detox from his food addiction and the comforts of home.

“Lbs.” is neither patronizing nor indulgent. It’s a nuanced portrayal of weight and relationships gained and lost. The dialog and performances are standout and heartfelt. Director Matthew Bonifacio doesn’t bloat the film with fitness management tedium, leaving a portrait of self-realization and not an exhibition on diet and exercise.

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