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Learning about the wild west

For some, visiting Weadickville at the Calgary Stampede means a nice break from the rides and the lines, but for others, it’s about learning how the west was won.

Ten-year-old Austin Stenz took in some live entertainment in Weadickville with his mother yesterday and said it was one of his favourite places at the park.

“I like how it looks like the real west was, like the real olden days, and I like cowboys,” Stenz said.

His mother Tabrina had a different reason for liking the old western area.

“I think it’s nice to come over here and have a break and get some rest and good coffee,” she said.

Red Cahoun, of live entertainers Guns of the Golden West, said Weadickville attracts people of all ages for a variety of reasons.

“We just like to be colourful and provide some entertainment, and if the people are happy and smiling, then that is a good thing,” he said.

But learning about the old west is the primary attraction in Weadickville, he added.

“I think sometimes people forget that this is how the west began, this is how it started so we are here to remind them.”

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