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Learning through arts

Students at Alexander Ferguson School spent the day exploring the outdoors yesterday and learning through different forms of art.

The students, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6, went to different stations outside the school where they had the chance to learn about songwriting, playing the drums and even photography.

Grade 1 and 2 teacher Lisa Kenna said through doing things like drumming, the kids are able to learn math patterns in an artistic way.

“It really gives them a deeper meaning of what they’re learning,” said Kenna.

“If you see it once you might remember it, if you see it and hear it you might remember it more, but if you can experience it, it will be with you forever.”

Kenna said Alexander Ferguson incorporates the arts into their teaching on a daily basis.

After finishing up at the drumming circle, nine-year-old Sophie said she liked learning to play.

“We’re doing a bunch of different activities that involve art,” said Sophie.

“It was really fun — we go do a bunch of different rhythms.”

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