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Learning to love your money

I (heart) Money
Author: David Campbell Lester
Publisher: DCL Capital Press
Price: $24.99

Money is a curious thing. The very essence of its purpose is to drive commerce, meaning it’s there to help you buy that thing you love. It’s no wonder then that we have an ingrained ability to spend rather than save.

Financial coach and author David Campbell Lester suggests in his book I (heart) Money that we need to take a different approach to managing our money: Loving it rather than just splurging as soon as you’re paid. According to Lester, how you approach money should start with how you respect it, even how you carry it.

“Do you keep it all bundled up in your pants or wallet? Do you go commando (not carry any at all)?”

Lester’s book provides some key insight to managing your money, also pointing out that having a healthy relationship with money will trickle down into having healthy personal relationships.

Look back at any first date, he says, the first two questions out of someone’s mouth are ‘Where do you live?’ (Translation: What kind of real estate can you afford?) and ‘What do you do?’ (Translation: How much money do you make?). If you find someone who truly loves their money and is in control of it, you can be confident that they are in control of their life, at least in the author’s view.

– Craig Lund, a director with the staffing firm Marketers on Demand, can be reached at craig.lund@marketersondemand.com

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