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LeBron is a bitch Does Rajon Rondo still hate LeBron?

LeBron is a bitch, Does Rajon Rondo hate LeBron
Rajon Rondo. Getty Images

Rajon Rondo is one of the more prickly players in the NBA, and is certainly the type to hold a grudge (Rondo basically tried to fight Isaiah Thomas last year because Thomas thought he deserved a video tribute from the Celtics). Rondo’s signing with the new LeBron Lakers immediately brought to mind a photo from 2012 in which Rondo posed with a female Celtics fan wearing a green, “LeBron is a Bitch” T-shirt – so the thought around the NBA was that Rondo still had a beef with The King.

But Rondo, who was traded away from the Celtics in 2014, apparently knows where the bread is buttered in today’s NBA. Rondo wants another ring, and the best way to do that (outside of signing with the Golden State Warriors) is to join LeBron wherever he may be.


LeBron is a bitch Does Rajon Rondo still hate LeBron

Another reason why it was thought Rondo and LeBron were oil and water is that Rondo had trouble with LeBron’s best bud Dwyane Wade while both players were members of the Chicago Bulls. Rondo is said to have taken many of the young Bulls players under his wing two years ago, and he took issue with Wade’s leadership ability.

Referring to his time playing with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Rondo wrote a lengthy Instagram post comparing the veterans on the old Celtics to the veterans on that Bulls team.

“When we lost, they wouldn’t blame us,” Rondo wrote. “They took responsibility and got in the gym. They showed the young guys what it meant to work. Even in Boston when we had the best record in the league, if we lost a game, you could hear a pin drop on the bus. They showed us the seriousness of the game.” 

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