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Lee from ‘The Bachelorette’ kind of apologized for those racist tweets

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Lee Garrett is probably one of the most ignorant dudes from Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette.” But no worries: after practically being forced, he kind of apologized for his race baiting and stuff on the “Men Tell All” special on Monday night.

Lee was already pretty annoying, but then the internet discovered his old tweets which included sexist, misogynistic and racist sentiments, and the world sighed a collective “Girl, bye.” So on his appearance on “The Bachelorette” special, he made as many excuses for his behavior as possible.

“I’m facetious,” he said, attempting to avoid any mention of words like “racist” or “racism.” “I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable in appropriate times.” Oh cool, Lee thinks baiting only the black men in “The Bachelorette” house was a joke! I don’t get it, but OK!

“It doesn’t always come off right,” he continued. “And I definitely learned that about myself.” Unlikely!

Afterwards Chris Harrison, bless his soul, called him out for the aforementioned horrible tweets. And Josiah, who is very smart, albeit very annoying, gave him a bit of a history lesson. Go ‘head, Josiah.

“I want you to articulate to all of us why you came on a show where the Bachelorette was an African-American woman, if on the other hand you’re tweeting about black people and groups of black people who fought and died so I can be on this stage next to you?” Josiah said. “People came before me so I could go to the same school as you, so I could drink from the same fountain as you, and you’re comparing them to the KKK — people who hung my ancestors.”

Lee’s response? That he doesn’t like racism. Not “at all.” Chill!

Then, after a very long time, he recognized that his tweets were offensive, saying “I’m sorry for saying things when I was not educated and ignorant in those subjects.” Sounds like that means nothing, but hey, that’s just this black lady’s opinion!

I think we can all agree that Lee is still the worst, no?