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Legislate pet-free planes, lung association urges

The B.C. Lung Association is urging the government to consider legislating pet-free planes in light of a recent announcement from Air Canada that small animals will soon be allowed on flights.

Scott McDonald with the B.C. Lung Association said he’s not suggesting banning pets in cabins, but offering the roughly 350,000 British Columbians with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the option of flying on pet-free planes.

“Parliament should consider the rules in a way to accommodate people who do suffer from exposure to animals,” McDonald said.

Air Canada and WestJet, which has allowed animals on board for a while now, say no more than four pets will be allowed on each plane, and allergic passengers can switch seats or flights.

But McDonald said those measures won’t protect people on long flights or small planes, since air within cabins is re-circulated and allergens can linger long after pets have left.

“Put a wet washcloth over your face and try breathing like that. It’s not much fun … (People) should be entitled to a safe flight.”

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