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Leonardo DiCaprio parties with Rihanna again

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna, together? Sure, why not.
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It’s getting to be that Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and pop star Rihanna can’t enjoy an evening at the same nightclub without gossip-mongers letting loose with breathless speculation about a potential romance between the two.

Why is it some people are so hell-bent on seeing DiCaprio and RiRi together? Not that it wouldn’t be a totally hot and entertaining couple, but still.

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Anyway, the pair are at it again, both gracing New York City’s Up & Down nightclub this weekend on the same night — can you believe it? Of course, they weren’t actually spotted there together, and they arrived and departed separately, but still.

For those keeping track at home, they first sparked romance rumors when they kept showing up at the same parties a year ago. So maybe it’s just a seasonal romance? I mean, nobody wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, right?