Leonardo DiCaprio will become Leonardo da Vinci, for art – Metro US

Leonardo DiCaprio will become Leonardo da Vinci, for art

Surely, the only reason Leonardo DiCaprio — a dude who kind of used to be hot, I think? — thinks he’s capable of playing Leonardo da Vinci is because they have the same first name. And also because he thinks he’s Dumbledore’s gift to film, but whatever.

That’s right DiCaprio — the dude who whined his way into an Oscar — will star as da Vinci in a biopic about the famed painter and scientist. Paramount Pictures won an intense bidding war for the rights to Walter Isaacson’s not-yet-published book on da Vinci over the weekend. DiCaprio will, of course, also produce. 

But also? Some outlets are going with the whole, “a role he was born to play!” thing. Just because Leonardo is named after Leonardo, in a way. According to “family legend,” which, sure, DiCaprio got his name after this mother felt her unborn son kicking while she was looking at a da Vinci painting. Um, OK!

So there you have it. Is it too early to start placing bets on whether or not DiCaprio will complain his way into an Oscar this time, too?  


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