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Less is more for Gang of Four

If there is one band that has influenced the past decade’s worth of dance rock (hello, Franz Ferdinand; hello, LCD Soundsystem), it’s Gang of Four, a spiky British quartet who funked up punk in the late ’70s. Let’s just say Gang of Four made their mark already — but rather than laurel-rest and tour old songs again, the band recorded their first new album in 16 years. Though now only featuring two original members, singer Jon King and guitarist Andy Gill, the result, “Content,” is still a wry, dry and spry tome to post- modern living.

“Having got back together in 2005 to mostly play the early work, Andy and I became immersed bit by bit in writing together like we did back in the day,” King says.

Pretty soon, the band was on a roll.

“Gradually, we put more and more time aside to write songs. The main thing was that we were very focused and knew what we wanted to achieve, which is that less-is-more thing,” King says. “When we came up with ‘You’ll Never Pay For The Farm,’ we felt we’d got into the zone. We wanted a tough guitar sound and powerful rhythm section with words that told a story about modern life. A month later, the [financial] crash kicked in, orchestrated by those casino gamblers in the finance markets who’ve done us all down and run off with our money. We looked at each other and said, ‘It’s like we’re writing about what’s going on!’”

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