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Lessons in thrift are key to student survival

Spending thousands of dollars on your education means not much is left for the necessities, so thrifty shopping becomes critical.

For food, the Sobeys on Queen Street is generally slightly cheaper than the nearby Atlantic Superstore, but either way the real savings come from reducing waste.

Throwing away mouldy bread is the same as throwing away money — budget out how much food you will actually eat and pay attention when you waste food.

The nearby Salvation Army store on Green Street is a great spot to find cast-off gems you can piece together for a styling look.

A little further up Queen Street is the triumvirate of the Clothes Horse, Encore and Anatomy.
Outside of the university bookstore and buying from previous students, the biggest spot for cheap books is JW Doull’s at 1684 Barrington St.

Spread over two floors of teetering piles of books old and newish, Doull’s is a great place for cheap classics and more.

Schooners on South Street and Dust Jacket Books in the Maritime Mall also have good selections.

If you prefer to buy your music in the flesh, Taz Records at 1593 Market St. really sells records, along with CDs, tapes and even eight-tracks.

Random Play at 1587 Barrington St. is another stalwart for CDs and more.

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