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Let Dunkin Donuts spoil you with free iced coffee bottle service today

free dunkin donuts coffee bottle service
Photos: Courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes, but New Yorkers have a couple other things they can count on: summer is an unrelenting march through face-melting humidity and you’ll go broke on bottle service. Dunkin wants to change that, and give weary city dwellers some much-needed relief with free Dunkin Donuts coffee delivered via bottle service tomorrow in celebration of the summer solstice.

But they’re not just going to hand you some free Dunkin Donuts coffee and call it bottle service. The coffee chain might be dishing up free bottles of their iced coffee for the promotion, but you’ll get the full bottle service experience, complete with “stylish waiters serving chilled bottles in metal ice buckets.” Prepare to film for your Instagram story.

Where can I get free Dunkin Donuts coffee in NYC?

It’s worth diverting your commute slightly to hit one of the two NYC locations for Dunkin Bottle Service. All you need to do is looking for the glowing beacon near either Union Square or Bryant Park. Once you’re there, push the button and let someone bring you a perfectly chilled free iced coffee to enjoy in the park or along your route to work.

NOTE: The exact locations are not within the parks. You’ll find them specifically at either 6th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd or Union Square East and East 16th Street. Look for Dunkin’s signature colors, bright pink and orange, to guide you.



You don’t have to live in NYC to get free Dunkin Donuts coffee

You may not commute an hour to work in a sardine can of a subway car, but you work hard too. Don’t worry, stressed out coffee lover, there’s a way for you to get free Dunkin Donuts coffee through this promotion. Just head over to the Dunkin Bottle Service website, where you’ll be able to access a coupon for a free bottle of Dunkin’s iced coffee on Thursday, June 21, the day of the promotion. You’ll need to print it out, but one sip of their seriously good flavors will convince you it was worth it.

free dunkin donuts coffee service

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