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Let Japan’s first lady teach you the art of shutting Trump down

Akie Abe Babe
Akie Abe is patting herself on the back because, well, she should be.. Photo: Getty

For decades, women have come up with avoidance tactics for when we don’t want to speak to men. I like to put headphones on that play no music to discourage street harassers from making good on their threats to um, “Show me what they got.” But the First Lady of Japan, Akie Abe, has one upped me. And I’m not mad. I’m in awe of her glory.

In a New York Times interview released Wednesday, President Donald Trump claims he wasn’t able to speak with Abe at a G20 summit dinner. He noted that she was a terrific woman who “doesn’t speak English.”

“Like, nothing right? Like zero?” says Times reported Maggie Haberman.

“Like, not ‘hello,’” Trump replies.

The funny thing is, Abe does speak English. Like, to the point where she delivered an entire keynote address in Englidh this one time.

So either A) Akie Abe pretended to not know English so she didn’t have to talk to Trump which, girl same; or B) She just ignored President Twitter Fingers Sr. to the extent where he assumed that she didn’t speak English — because why else would a woman in her right mind not want to speak with him?

Anyway, Akie Abe is inspirational and should be a hero to women everywhere. And an example, because the woman is obviously a sage.


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