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Let your Wingman give you a hand with that condom

wingman condom Sex is easier with a Wingman.
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A Dutch condom company is encouraging men to hop into bed with their wingman. No, we’re not talking about a menage a trois, but a contraceptive from Wingman Condoms. The jolly johnny is user-friendly protection that can be put on with one hand: It works by rolling down the condom using easy-to-grip plastic “wings,” which release themselves once the job is done.

Metro sat down with CEO Paul Breur on why a Wingman is the answer to bedroom flops.

You said that the product was born out of frustration with conventional condoms. Did you have a particularly bad failed sexual conquest in mind?

Actually, it was a colleague of mine who came to the office on a Monday morning after an exciting weekend. He’d met a girl but he wasn’t 100 percent sober, so the combination of the two ended up in not being the greatest experience for him. He said: “We need to think of something that will make it work better.”

Condoms seem simple but they can actually be quite confusing. What was the starting point for its design?

The first focus was user-friendliness: something that will allow you to use the product in the dark, not completely sober and when excited by the prospect of being with a new girl. We wanted something that could be used with one hand, so that you could keep the mood going with the other hand.

The product is called Wingman, so has it gone down with the girls?

It is quite an interesting opening line. We were both students when we first started designing the condom, and we were interested to see how women would react when asked if they would participate in the research and development of a new product.

Did it help you get girls into bed?

[Laughs] Er, yeah.

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