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Let’s make fun of Republicans’ yearbook photos

Thankfully, it’s still way too early in the 2012 election season for us to be focusing on important issues. That means we’re allowed to gawk guilt-free at the political find of the day, the Atlantic‘s high school yearbook photos of all the presumptive GOP candidates for president, without having to worry if we should really be paying attention to something else.

Let’s get to it! Time to check out Metro’s favorites:


Our impression: The yearbook says he lettered in hockey and soccer, but looking with 2011 eyes at the hair, clothes and smile, T-Paw just looks like a friendly nerd.

Who he’d be in a high-school movie: The relatable protagonist who dreams up an innocent ruse to get what he wants, only to see it spiral out of control!


Our impression: Express train to Boringtown, first stop Squaresville! Seriously, we swear we got into an argument with this kid about Adam Smith in AP Gov. class one time.

Who he’d be in a high-school movie: The obnoxious brown-nosing antagonist who plays by the rules — until it suits his interest to break them!


Our impression: Nerd alert! The bangs, the sideburns and glasses would probably be enough, but it’s the shirt that really ties the look together. Dear the ’70s: You are amazing.

Who he’d be in a high-school movie: McLovin’!

Check out the Atlantic for the rest! Which one is your favorite?

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