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Letter to Toronto editor

With recent drownings in pools and lakes across the country, people may believe swimming lessons should be something taught within the school system; however, most drowning incidents are due to a lack of common sense.

Just because Canadian schools place a new swimming curriculum in the education system, it will not ensure the lowering of drowning statistics.

If schools did provide lessons, at what age would they begin? The younger they are, the more supervision and help you would need. Consider this — if children were to begin learning at a later age there would be an increase in younger children as drowning victims since parents may not put them in lessons at an early age and just wait for the curriculum for swimming to take place.

If swimming is a skill the public (specifically parents) believes everyone (specifically children) should know, then so be it.

There are so many resources to learn how to swim; from private pools or clubs to community centres.

If a city is already providing these programs, it is up to taxpayers to utilize what they are already paying for.

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