Letters to the editor: Wednesday November 16, 2011 - Metro US

Letters to the editor: Wednesday November 16, 2011

Dear mayoral candidates, and other elected officials in the city of Vancouver: Stop hiding behind acronyms, show us your humanity, and understand that the movement felt around the world is not going away.

It is a causal flaw in the machinery of our economic system that will not allow any current desirable progress without first addressing the symptoms directly. Occupy Vancouver is a cog in the machine that does not need greasing, but needs redefining and re-machining so that we can all move forward together. If you want to garner our votes instead of putting fundamental issues aside until after Nov. 19, then you will look at what this movement has become and what it represents in this city.

The 99 per cent are screaming to be heard, and in Vancouver they are letting you know that basic human necessities are not being afforded to all our residents. So, I ask you, why are you so worried about shutting this movement down instead of finding a space that is owned by the city that is not being used for a relocation of this “tent city.”

Jayce Rowen, VANCOUVER

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