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Liam Gallagher slams brother Noel for missing the Manchester Benefit

Liam Gallagher One Love Manchester Benefit Concert
Liam Gallagher performing at the Manchester One Love benefit. Photo: Getty Images

Here’s some news straight out of like, 1994: Liam Gallagher is coming for his brother Noel. The reason? Because Noel wasn’t at the Manchester One Love Benefit.

Liam performed at the concert, organized by Ariana Grande following the terrorist attack at her own concert two weeks ago. Liam, who is infected with a late stage of Twitter fingers, took to the app to detail his displeasure with his older brother and former Oasis bandmate.

“What an amazing night last night pure love vibrations nobody comes close to Manchester love forever,” he wrote, ignoring the basic concepts of syntax and style. “Oh and if anybody’s seen rkid tell him he can come out now as you were.” Subtle!

Then he tried to go back to being about light and love, just for a brief moment, writing “Manchester id like to apologise for my brothers absence last night very disappointed stay beautiful stay safe.”

But then, ol’ Twitter fingers came back. It’s a real disease that we should be taking more serious, frankly. “Noels out of the f—king country weren’t we all,” he wrote. “Love get on a f—king plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f—k.” Oh, dear.

For what it’s worth, a spokesperson for the elder Gallagher spoke to The Independent last week, making very clear that he would not be making an appearance. “Sadly, Noel will not be at the concert this weekend,” the representative wrote. “He’s been out of the country on a longstanding family trip before the concert was announced and is unable to attend. Needless to say he is very supportive of the event and wishes everyone huge success on the day.”

Liam and Noel’s relationship is famously contentious, even though they are 44-years-old and 50-years-old, respectively. Liam talked about the strained relationship on BBC Radio One last week, saying “Everyone knows I love our kid. He doesn’t speak to me, we don’t speak to each other. I’ll speak to him some day. It’s all very sad but we’ll get over it.”

To be honest, I wish they would get over with it sooner rather than later. You know I love grown men acting a fool, but this is embarrassing. Get it together, Gallaghers. 


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