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Life after college

If there’s one thing Asher Roth loves, it’s college.

At least, that’s the first thing the public came to know about the ginger-haired rap newcomer by way of his debut single, I Love College.

The song, which plays like the theme to a modern-day Animal House, finds Roth, 23, reminiscing about last night’s party; so epic, he wishes he’d videotaped it. Millions related to the rapper’s sentiments on the joy of dollar pizza slices, getting girls naked and drinking Miller Lite. I Love College was a hit in North America and the U.K., and Asher had a signature track on his hands.

Despite releasing two singles from his album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, since (Lark On My Go-Kart and Be By Myself featuring Cee-Lo), the song is still his go-to on the talk-show and tour circuit. In the lobby of a Toronto hotel, hip-hop’s Van Wilder confesses he’s getting tired of the number.

“There’s so much more going on with me than that song,” says the former child education major. “Yes, I went to college for two years, and yes I wrote a song that was more or less a satire of it.

“I know how much more other substance there is on my album though, so yeah I’m a little fed up and anxious to move on to something else.”

Originally, I Love College sampled Weezer’s 1995 hit Say It Ain’t So. But the band’s frontman Rivers Cuomo wouldn’t authorize its use, so they had to flip the beat for the commercial release. But Roth has no qualms with Cuomo.

“Say It Ain’t So was one of those drunken-night, singing-along, karaoke-esque songs in college for us, which is why I used it. The song, though, is really about alcoholism in (Cuomo’s) family, with his father, and him getting past that. So I completely and utterly respect the fact that he didn’t want it to become about drinking and smoking weed.”

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