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Life As We Know It

In Life As We Know It, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel struck some solid on-screen chemistry by playing two characters that really, really hate each other.

“Yeah, these people really don’t like each other,” laughed Heigl during a recent interview in New York to promote the romantic dramedy. “He kind of enjoys needling her and sticking it to her.”

“I don’t think we put any pressure on each other to have chemistry,” added Duhamel who insists the characters simply work best when they’re at their worst. “We really didn’t like each other. It was real … that was the whole mentality.”

Opening next Friday, Life As We Know It casts Heigl and Duhamel as two polar opposites who must overcome their animosity for each other when they assume guardianship over an orphaned toddler after the tragic death of their mutual friends.

“I thought it was an interesting dynamic,” said Heigl. “Regardless of this bickering thing they have going, they are there for each other because they unite in this crap that they’re going through.”

The movie certainly rests on the question of whether these rivals will fall for each other through parental pursuits. However, for the two stars (who are each married in real life — Heigl to musician Josh Kelley, Duhamel to Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie), the film also redeems the sacrifice that comes with marriage.

“Marriage can be a big old pain in the butt on many occasions but I really like my guy and I wouldn’t want to live life without him,” said Heigl. “There is something about having a partner in life on your side even when you’re wrong. That’s kind of amazing to have.”

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