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Life of Dillon gets everything they didn’t ask for

Life od Dillon
Life of Dillon is currently on tour with Meghan Trainor.

The three British lads who comprise Life of Dillon never sought out fame. WhileDavid Keiffer, Joe Griffith and Rob Griffitharerelishing their time in the spotlight now, with teen girls screaming their names and begging for selfies, the guys initially didn’t want to be popstars — they wanted to be songwriters.

“We really wanted to write for other artists, but we couldn’t make that a reality,” Joe Griffith says. “We had to realize things didn’t work out as we hoped.”

They talked about disbanding, but then decided to try singing the songs themselves. And that decision changed everything.

The moment they realized they made it
The trio has been doing non-stop promo for their EP “Prologue,” which came out in May, and have had some definite standout moments in the past few months. “For me, it was our first big show in Minneapolis,” Rob Griffith says. “We were performing alongside Fifth Harmony and Flo Rida. During our performance, we won over the crowd and we just weren’t expecting such a big response. People wanted to take pictures with us and hug us. It was absolutely amazing.”

For David Keiffer and Joe Griffith, the most surreal moment was being flown from the U.K. to New York City shortly after Thanksgiving to meet the whole Sony team. “One day we were in our flat in London, and the next we were in this high rise building talking with legends, including Doug Morris, the CEO of Sony,” Joe says.

Best of both worlds
In addition to being signed to Sony, Life of Dillon is also managed by Adam Alpert, who manages The Chainsmokers. The guys agree that having the mix of an individual manager and the support of a huge label have been key to growing their budding careers.But, of course, it isn’t all work and no play. “We partied with The Chainsmokers in LA and they are absolutely insane,” Joe says, keeping the exact details of what went down on lock.

Ready to mingle
Considering Life of Dillon’s fanbase is largely teen girls, we couldn’t resist asking about their romantic statuses. “This is the first time we’ve been asked this, so you’re getting the exclusive,” Keiffer says. “We’re all single and available, so hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. No, I’m just kidding!” “No, he’s not!” Rob interjects. “We’re at @lifeofdillon. Come find us.”

SeeLife of Dillon open for Meghan Trainor on their summer tour:

New York City
July 3, 8 p.m.
1 Borgata Way, 609-317-1000
Atlantic City, NJ

Aug. 5. 7 p.m.
Festival Pier
601 North Columbus Boulevard, 215-629-3200

Aug. 6, 8 p.m.
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
290 Northern Ave., 617-728-1600

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