You've heard them and you've probabaly done them. There's no shame in that! We often go through great lengths to look our best and will sometimes believe anything we hear if it means younger skin, thicker hair, and fuller lips!

But it's time to grow up. Stop living in a house of lies and learn a thing or two about beauty.

Sadly this is not true. Much like lost limbs, split ends of hairs cannot be fused back together. The only remedy is to get those bad boys trimmed. You can however do your best to take care of your hair using a great hair moisturizer and protecting your hair from excessing heat when styling.

First of all, what an arbitrary number. Look, you can start anti-aging cream whenever you need it, although we doubt it will be when you turn 30. Everyone’s skin is unique and requires unique treatment. You might be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need anti-aging cream until they’re 40!

Listen, folks. There is no cream out on the market that will have the same effect as botox. Botox itself has to be injected into the muscles of your body, so can you imagine how potent a cream would have to be to have the same effect?

But fret not, there are products that can help your skin look refreshed, smooth and full of youth. Also a good moisturizer goes a long way.


My dear, dear, yeti. No. Despite what you may have heard, your leg hair will not grow back thicker and darker after you shave it. What happens is that when you shave your leg hairs, the thick root of the hair grows out first, thus making the hair appear to be thicker and darker.

Where are you people getting these crazy ideas? No, my friend, your eyelashes will not break off (or weaken) if you curl them after you apply mascara. As a general tip though you should try curling your eyelashes before you apply mascara.

Unlike your brief relationship with kale, your shampoo and your hair are working together for the long run. There is no reason for you to rush out and buy a new shampoo every three months. If you like what you’re using, use it!

Sorry to say this ladies, but olive oil is a friend to many but it’s not a friend of your stretch marks. The reason why stretch marks appear is because when the body is expanding rapidly, the top layer of the skin expands but isn’t quick enough to cover its tracks. There isn't much you can, so don't go greasing yourself up with olive oil.

It’s easy to understand why people would think dandruff is a sign of a dry scalp. However dandruff can be caused by anything ranging from stress to an overproduction of your scalp’s natural oil. Need to get rid of dandruff most experts will say that a regular anti-dandruff shampoo will do the trick. If those don’t work, talk to a dermatologist to get a stronger shampoo prescribed to you.

The amount of water you drink does not have an effect on the the dryness of your skin. What will have an effect however is a good moisturizer! We’re not saying you shouldn’t drink a lot of water, if anything we’d say drink more! But we must insist that water will have close to no effect on the smoothness or dryness of your skin.

You could put a whole salad on your face and it would stil be puffy. You may see people do this in movies, TV, or even in real life, but to be honest it isn't going to change anything. The best way to deal with puffy eyes is a cold compress or ice mask to help reduce the swelling!

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