Red Bull's Instagram pics are a lot cooler than photos of people sitting around holding an energy drink.
Credit: Red Bull's Instagram


If scrolling your Instagram feed has become an obnoxious montage of selfies and food pics, liven it up by following some companies that actually shake things up. Unlike celebrities, they aren't completely gratuitous, and the ones on our list don't use in-your-face branding that makes you want to hit the unfollow button. They've mastered the art of posting creative, imaginative photos.



1. Warby Parker
It's no surprise that the trendy eyewear company posts some of the coolest photos on the Web. And refreshingly, glasses aren't even in every photo. From snowmen made out of ping-pong paddles to behind-the-scenes glimpses of its design team, you'll always enjoy it when a Warby Parker photo pops up in your feed.


2. Lululemon
Seeing Lululemon's photos in your feed will inspire you to get off your butt and do something active. If you're expecting to see a bunch of yoga poses, think again. The company posts plenty of running pics, stylish sportswear and inspiring quotes to keep you motivated.

3. Red Bull
Even if you don't buy this energy drink on a regular basis, you'll still enjoy Red Bull's photos. They all have an adventure theme, like dirt biking in breathtaking canyons or paragliding at sunset.

4. Free People
Clothing brand Free People has integrated Instagram into its website by using photos tagged by other users as a way to show customers what the clothes look like in real life, not just on models. In their feed and on the site, you can see various ways to style the clothes and if you tag yourself and the brand, you just might be featured, too.

5. Bonobos
This is the best men's fashion line on social media. No question. The photos are both stylish and manly. And they don't just post clothes. Creative photos of booze, coffee and other man necessities spice things up.

6. Starbucks
With almost two million followers, the secret's out that this mega brand knows what it's doing on Instagram. If you're a coffee lover, the photos are so lust-worthy, you'll be tempted to use one as your desktop or phone background.

7. NBA
No matter what team you support, if you're a basketball fan, you'll love the close-up photos and incredible videos the NBA shares with followers. The company also posts short video interviews straight from the court.

8. Kate Spade
This Instagram account is just so darn pretty that even if you are a casual fashion lover, the photos will bring a smile to your face whenever you see them in your feed. Besides creative photos of the products, the company posts plenty of nature and home decor pictures, too.

9. Puma
If you're a sneakerhead, following Puma is a must. Of the athletic and shoe brands out there, Puma's photos are just plain the coolest, posting from all around the world.

10. Oreo
The photos you'll see posted by Oreo will have you doing a double-take and think, "Wait, you can make that out of Oreos?" It's like Pinterest food porn, only exclusively with the iconic cookies.

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