Stock up on these healthy and yummy treats.


Crunchies Freeze-Dried Grapes

Freeze-dried fruit is a great option if you love dried fruit, but not the extra sugar that usually comes with it. These sweet morsels contain just one ingredient — grapes — and taste like 'em, too. Crunchies keep an average of 90 to 94 percent of nutrients found in their fruits, plus almost all enzymes, so these are just about as good as a handful of grapes themselves. $5.29-$5.69, grocery stores in mid-January



World Waters WTRLMLN WTR

The label on this new cold-pressed juice says it contains "everything put the skin," and the producers are right — this tastes like you stuck a straw inside a melon. It's free of pulp (which we like) but full of electrolytes, vitamins, lycopene, antioxidants, magnesium and iron (it boasts double the potassium of a banana!). There's no added water, additives, preservatives or sugar, either. To compare: Your favorite Naked Smoothie or POM juice contains 32 g of sugar; this contains 12. $5.39, Whole Foods


Tribe Cocktail Time Hummus

The horseradish flavor is just zesty enough to kick up your standard snack, but not overwhelming. We love the clean ingredient label. $3.49, grocery stores

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