Butter dish makes it better

No one likes drippy butter. Keep your spread intact with the Bistro butter dish. Just pull out the tray, stick in the freezer and pop it back in when you’re ready for brunch.
Bodum Bistro butter dish, $20, Bodumusa.com

No fishing around

This is not a sea creature, though the food pod will spend quite some time submerged in water. This silicone cooking tool helps you save time with boiling, blanching or steaming foods like eggs, veggies and shellfish, which get packed into the pod and then dunked right in the pot. $15, www.fusionbrands.com

A dust-eater for everyone

City-dwellers, rejoice! We might not have a lot of closet space or wall-to-wall carpeting (thankfully), but now our wood floors and 5-by-8 rugs can get love from a Dyson, too. Their newest model is lightweight and compact for easy storage, yet works like a full-size Dyson sucking up any possible dust in sight.
Dyson DC26 Multi floor, $399, www.dyson.com

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