There are ways to save some money on application fees. Credit: Fuse There are ways to save some money on application fees.
Credit: Fuse

With the average high school student applying to 5 or 6 schools, hefty application and test score fees can add up quickly. We’ve compiled some ways students and parents can save some money in what can often be a stressful and expensive time of year.

Applying online can be less expensive

Paper applications are time-consuming for all involved: Students have to organize and mail everything, and colleges often have to employ someone to manually enter all of the data into their systems. The Huffington Post reports that Smith College, Colby College and Carleton College are among the schools that don’t charge application fees at all and that many colleges don’t charge for online applications.

Ask if there are fee waivers available

Don’t be afraid to ask if fee waivers or reductions are available. Admissions officers are used to being asked, and it won’t be held against you when decision time comes around.

Find out if the school considers SAT scores optional

More and more colleges say that submitting standardized test scores is optional. It may be worth considering skipping sending your score (and saving on the processing fee in the process). Of course, some students might feel that the SATs enhance their applications and want to include them. Check with your guidance counselor about the best course of action.

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