breads bakery centerpiece challah Breads Bakery's challahs get pretty elaborate, especially the Centerpiece Challah (center).

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight, but not until the table is set and the traditional sweet treats (for a sweet new year, according to the Jewish calendar) are served. We rounded up some holiday treats to put on your table — and a few special dinners if you don’t have the space to host them at home.

When it comes to challah, Breads Bakeryhas elevated an already elaborate bread. The Centerpiece Challah is a feat of engineering, with intricate braiding and ceramic dipping bowls set into the bread ready to serve with honey ($65). Other festive challahs include a multiseed round version and Marzipan Challah (glazed and studded with sliced almonds and streaks of the sweet almond treat running through the dough).


For those in a rush but also looking to keep their holiday offerings local, Eli Zabar has Apple & Honey Baskets ($100-$250) with raisin-studded challah, a ground-almond honey cake, a jar of honey and fall harvest apples from New York state orchards.

Combining apples and honey is a Rosh Hashanah tradition. Chef Francois Payard, better known as Mr. Macaron, created a green apple and honey macaron (6 for $16) as well as an Apple Honey Tart (sweet dough with a financier base and baked apples, covered in a honey glaze, $39). Find them at Francois Payard Bakeries and FP Patisserie’s Manhattan locations.

Mouth, an online curator of indie foods and products, has a honey variety basket called Sweet New Year, which collects five honeys harvested by beekeepers in Oregon, Tennessee and Florida, as well as two New York-based hives.

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