After the recent Ashley Madison data hack, no one can be too sure that their partner is truly loyal. So, if you’re a bit suspicious about your loved one’s extracurricular activities, try out these applications which’ll reveal the truth in a swift and discreet way.


This nifty smartphone app can tell you your partner’s whereabouts via GPS and even allows you to read their private messages. The device can also remotely access your loved one’s contacts, call history and Facebook chats in real time. However, your partner will need to download the software to their phone as well – but will they really do it?For Android and iOS, Free.


Couple Tracker


This tool also needs to be installed in both partners’ phones for any business to be monitored. The gizmo allows couples to share texts, track calls, social media activity and messages, but in this last case only the first 30 characters will be accessed. GPS location can also be seen, but within a 30-minute interval.For Android, Free.



Developed to work like a professional surveillance system, this application runs on mobiles and computers. It allows individuals to track contacts, call logs, text messages, phone recordings, Skype calls, locations, WhatsApp activity, browser history and photos and videos, amongst many other features. You can also block some of your partner’s online access – to pornographic websites, for example. The mSpy program has 24/7 multi-language support, in case you need help.For Android and iOS, plans Basic ($18.65) and Premium ($44.58).



The idea here is to finally gain access into your partner’s computer. You just have to download the LogMeIn software on the machine in question, as well as on your smartphone. With the program, you'll have access to the computer no matter where you are; you will be able to see and edit all text files, images and resolutions. You can also check the web history. For Android and iOS, Free.



This industry-standard app also allows remote access to a computer. The software must be installed in the machine and then you'll be able to control the device remotely, transfer all kinds of files, access installed applications, amongst other items. Even if the computer has a password, you can define an universal code to access the machine anyway.For Android and iOS, Free.


Discover if you're being snooped!

The app iTrust does the reverse: it can find if someone is trying to access your messages and other digital activities that you perform with your phone. If the spy tries to see your stuff while you're away, the tool will send you a notification and you can playback this log any time you want.For iOS, $0.99.

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