Rebecca Minkoff is a fan of norm core. Can you blame her? Credit: Danielle Kosann Rebecca Minkoff is a fan of normcore. Can you blame her?
Credit: Danielle Kosann


What's the inspiration behind your Spring collection?
I wanted to emulate the colors prominent in the ‘70s photography of Deborah Turbeville, who is the inspiration behind the entire collection. Much of her work during the boho chic era of fashion included soft faded hues and sepia tones, and you’ll see colors similar to these on the spring ready to wear and handbags.



What's your favorite trend for fall? Or what are you looking forward to wearing?
I’m looking forward to the shearling trend. I have a great shearling jacket that I showed for Fall that I’m excited to wear when the temperature drops.


How did you say farewell to summer?
I worked on Labor Day — styling the show and casting models.


What are your thoughts on Normcore?
I’m loving the normcore trend. The idea of wearing sneakers and being considered fashionable at the same time is amazing!

What was your main form of procrastination while working on your Spring collection?
I was expecting my little girl, Bowie, while I was working on my Spring collection. Not necessarily a procrastination, but definitely something that I was preoccupied with!