Playing Scrabble week after week can get a little monotonous. Luckily, there are some very cool games coming out this year that your whole family will love. Be the first to hear about them here.

Puzzle With "What if?" puzzles, you never know how it's going to turn out!
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"What if?" puzzles


Puzzles may sound a little retro, but Ravensburger came up with a pretty cool twist: you have no idea how the puzzle will turn out until you put it together. The cover image is just a loose guide, which shows what the puzzle's subject would like to happen. For example, in The Lottery, the cover image shows a family living large on a yacht; the life they imagine living if they won the lottery. But when you actually put together the puzzle, the end result is quite different. It just goes to show you that life doesn't always turn out the way you think it will. Ravensburger's "What if?" puzzles are out now.

Monopoly Turn family memories into a fun game with My Monopoly.
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My Monopoly

Out this summer, Hasbro is releasing the first completely personalized Monopoly game. Families make a custom-made board with photos printed from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and other social sites using the My Monopoly app. You can name the places around the board after real-life places that have personal significance to your family. It's an interactive way to make your memories come to life.

Simon The original Simon game came out 30 years ago.
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Simon Swipe

If your kids are over board games, keep an eye out for this upgrade on the classic Simon game, out this summer. You still have the option to play classic Simon - the one you probably played as a kid - but the new swipe setting adds a whole new level. Incorporating swiping may not sound like a very difficult challenge, and it isn't at first, but it gets hard pretty quickly!

Robot Turtles Robot Turtles teaches preschoolers to code by having them overcome obstacles using different picture cards.
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Robot Turtles

The most backed board game in Kickstarter history, Robot Turtles (out now) teaches kids ages four and up how to code. Seriously. With parents' help, preschoolers learn the principles of coding and programming as they use "code cards" to try and reach a jewel, obstructed by obstacles. Learning how to code before you can even read? Now that's innovative.

treasure tax Treasure Trax is an indoor scavenger hunt game that get the whole family involved.

Treasure Trax

Treasure Trax is aimed at preschoolers, but even kids a little older will enjoy playing this scavenger hunt game. To play, parents hide cards with animals on them throughout the house. Each card has a clue leading to the next card, ultimately leading them to the prize. After your kids have found their prize, let them come up with the clues for you to hunt around the house for. This fun game is out now.

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