Watch your stuff while you’re away from home with these connected cameras. Nifty cams keep track of your pets, kids, your prized possessions — and intruders, of course, giving you live feeds and updates straight to your mobile devices. Metro rounds up the best of the bunch.

See your house from afar in HD

Video quality is massively important when it comesto monitoring your home remotely; poor surveillance footage means you can’t distinguish some details. The Nest Cam allows you to record everything that happens at home with a crisp 1080p HD resolution, a night vision feature, activity alerts to your phone, plus the option of built-in voice commands for your pets.Available at, $199.


Watch your home in 360 degrees


Most home cams only look in one direction — not the Branto Orb, which can view a room in 360 degrees. The slick ball of tech boasts a full HD motorized video camera that rotates 360 degrees, as well as a built-in two-way communication with your mobile device so you can chat with whoever’s at home. Available at, $299.


This cam knows who’s in your house

The unique selling point of the Netatmo Welcome is its top-of-the-range facial recognition technology. This nifty, slim camera sends the names of the people it recognizes straight to your smartphone, and alerts you when a stranger (i.e. an unidentified individual) is detected. Available at, $199.


Caller ID for your front door

For those who get anxious when somebody knocks on your front door, Peeple lets you find out who’s there from the comfort of your digital device. The minimalist gadget mounts on your peephole and sends an alert via Wi-Fii to your smartphone on who’s approaching your house.Available at, $149.


Smart camera that doesn't need Wi-Fi

Problems with wireless connection will be a breeze with the Clever Dog smart camera. The easy-to- install intelligent lens is the first of its kind to offer a 3G model. The gadget features a high-quality microphone and infrared technology, and has top-notch picture resolution in this cost-effective unit. Available at, $35.

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