They’re wearables that you flaunt on your finger: smart rings are the latest range of gadgetry to incorporate into your digitally-enhanced lives. Making payments, opening locked doors and receiving text alerts are just a few features these dainty devices can offer. Metro rounds up the best of the bunch.

Silence the noise in style


Receiving a lot of notifications on your smartphone can become annoying and even stressful; however, there is a fashionable solution that allows you to mute the sound in style. The Altruis, a smart ring that can also be worn as a bracelet or pendant, enables the user to customize which people, calls, messages and alerts deserve attention. This piece of hi-tech jewelry filters your notifications based on ‘Profiles’ and ‘Secret Words’ via your iOS app. Available at vinaya. com, $345.

Pay your bills with your finger


Is this the one ring to rule them all (devices)? The Ring Zero controls oodles of digital features, including what bills you pay with the flick of a finger. The product, developed by Japanese firm Logbar, utilzes a “Payment information transmission,” which lets the user finish setting up one’s payments for various bills, all in one action, by making a single gesture. Available at, $149.99.

This band reveals your emotions


This shiny band is enameled with emotional intelligence. According to a Finnish startup behind the device, the Moodmetric smart ring can understand your stress levels by tracking skin conductance — a measurement called "galvanic skin response" that’s used in lie detector testing. After analyzing the data, the gadget pairs up with a smartphone app to give you instant feedback on your emotional wellbeing. Available at, $269.

Unlock closed doors with this device


A recent hit on Kickstarter, the NFC Ring is back with an updated version, which boasts superior near-field communication technology. Besides controlling your digital devices remotely, through this dainty deviceyou can share information with your friends, unlock your smartphone or tablet, and even open and close doors. Available at, $54.99

A deterrent alarm that rings true


There is more to smart rings than receiving notifications and controlling synced gadgets. Dubbed “the world’s first wearable personal alarm”, theSiren Ring emits a high-pitched, piercing sound to prevent assault. Users twist the top of the device counterclockwise to activate it. After a couple of seconds, the ring will sound a blaring noise of more than 110 decibels.Available at, $199

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