You use your phone for everything else; why not use it to save money? Credit: Colourbox You use your phone for everything else; why not use it to save money?
Credit: Colourbox


You wouldn't think about going anywhere without your phone, so you might as well use it to save you some money. Carley Knobloch, a digital lifestyle expert and frequent Today Show guest, shares her tips with us to spread the message of saving during the season of spending.



1. Use digital coupons.Is anyone really cutting coupons anymore? There's a much easier way to save money at the register. has an app that's great to use when you're out shopping. "As soon as you walk into a store, it alerts you of sales that are going on and ways to get the best deals," Knobloch says. "You don't have to tell it where you are, it just knows you're at the Gap, Target, or wherever you are out shopping."


2. Get an app that keeps things simple. There are a lot of money apps out there, but the one that can do the most might not be the best option for you. "Most people don't need something super elaborate like Quicken," Knobloch says. Her app of choice is Spendee, which helps users set and stick to a budget. "It will basically take charge and show you where your money is going," she says.

3. Put your loyalty cards on your phone. "I don't want to carry around a 10 pound wallet that looks like a burrito because it's full of plastic loyalty cards," says Knobloch. Instead, she uses Cardstar, a free app for iPhone and Android. You can scan your loyalty cards with the app and it keeps them all in the same place.

4. Make Pinterest boards. That's right, it's not just for planning your imaginary wedding. "When you pin from retail sites, the price is pulled along with the item, so you can use Pinterest to track what you want to buy and to see when the price is dropping," Knobloch says.

5. Share what you're saving for. Capital One 360 is giving away a total of $160,000 to people who are sharing what their savings account is for. Head to saving4.capitalone360.comto upload a photo and see others' photos, or tweet your pics to @capitalone360 with the hashtag #saving4. The bank is giving away $500 a day on Twitter and $500 a day on their site to whomever has the most deserving photo and on December 20th, they will pick a grand prize winner and gift him or her $25,000.

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