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6 companies you didn't expect to be worth less than Uber

Uber is worth more than you think?

Uber, the popular car service app that connects passengers with drivers is has raised over $5.9 billion dollars and is valued at more than $41 billion. With the increased usage of mobile apps and smartphone devices and the high demand for car service in major cities, Uber's value will continue to rise.

It appears that the San Francisco based private car startup company is has received contributions from major investors making it one of the highest valued startup companies around.

While other startups such has Sony and Twitter have a larger footprint in terms of how we use the products, Uber is valued more than many of these companies.

Here are six companies you didn’t expect to be worth less than Uber. The list may surprise you.


Sony: $29.26 billion

Nokia: $27.98 billion

Twitter: $29.91 billion

LinkedIn: $32.37 billion

Yahoo!: $40.99 billion

Adobe: $39.70 billion

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