This winter, cozy up to teas that will cure what ails you.


Here's one way to get a daily health kick that’s actually as easily said, as it is done – drinking tea. Not only can tea be relaxing (and extremely hygge) but it can stimulate your metabolism, detoxify (it’s a diuretic), have a calming effect, and work to strengthen your immune system. While you may already know that swapping your Diet Coke for an herbal brew does wonders for your well-being, you might not know the benefits vary depending on the blend and type you choose. Here’s a look at which tea to sip based on your health goals.

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Your go-to coffee replacement: matcha LOVE organic

Matcha has been an it ingredient for a while now – and for good reason. 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of the powdered green tea is equal to 8 to 10 cups of regular green tea in terms of its antioxidant power. But that’s not all – it’s high in l-theanine, an amino acid shown to help provide a state of calm alertness.


Matcha is an awesome coffee alternative because it delivers the desired energy boost minus the jitters and caffeine crash – plus it's packed with antioxidants that actually help your body burn fat,” says certified wellness expert and author of Go with Your Gut, Robyn Youkilis. As for which to opt for, matcha LOVE organic, founded in Japan in the 60s, is the real deal. All their products are made from 100% pure Japanese green tea and they include everything from ceremonial and culinary powders, to ready-to-drink beverages.

Your bloating cure: Kusmi Blue Detox

I struggle with bloat almost daily, so I love the ingredients in Kusmi’s Blue Detox,” says holistic health expert, Hailey Miller. This tea blends maté, green tea, and rooibos, a combination that works to speed up the removal of excess fluid. Bonus: the notes of pineapple are very refreshing (it tastes amazing iced!).

To soothe an upset stomach: Harney & Sons Ginger Tea

There’s a reason so many wellness experts (and models…), swear by ginger and/or lemon water – it works wonders inside and out. Harney & Sons’ Ginger Tea is made with both lemon and ginger. “Ginger's strongmedicinal properties make it a go-to herb for low-levelnausea and digestive issues, while the neutralizing acids in lemon have also been shown to curbnausea,” says certified Integrative Nutrition health coach Kerri Axelrod.

To ease your cold: Davids Tea Cold 911

The name says it all! This tea blends peppermint, juniper berries, and orange peel for a refreshing antidote to the common cold. “David’s Tea Cold 911 is one of my favorites when I’m feeling under the weather because it has eucalyptus, which is a known decongestant, and orange peel, for a vitamin C punch,” says Youkilis.

Your path to clear skin: Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous

“Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous blend is great for improving the skin from the inside out,” says Miller. “It contains the antioxidants needed to protect the skin from the elements and environmental pollutants, and also reduces inflammation for a more even skin tone and reduction of scar tissue from pesky pimples.It’s also got some cinnamon, which has been shown to help curb hunger (always a welcome bonus!).

Your aid in weight loss: Sakara Life Detox Tea

When it comes to weight loss there are few things as important as water. In fact, often when people think they’re hungry, they’re just thirsty. Sakara Life’s tea blend jazzes up your run-of-the-mill tap with tried and true digestives (including lemongrass, rose, and rooibos), to support the body’s natural ability to cleanse.

I reach for Sakara Life’s Detox Tea when I feel like my body could use a reset from one too many cupcakes or nights out on the town,” says Youkilis. “Rose helps calm inflammation while lemongrass is a natural diuretic and encourages your body to flush out those nasty toxins. The citrus in this tea also acts as a liver activator, helping your body’s top cleansing organ get to work!”

Your on-the-go pick-me-up: Panatea Instant Matcha

While I recommend my clients take the time to slow down, prepare their tea and savor the ritual of warming up and nourishing their bodies, life can get hectic and when you’re harried for time, Panatea’s Instant Matcha is a good substitute that allows you to get the benefits of an energy and concentration boost on-the-run,” says Axelrod. Unlike traditional matcha which needs to be whisked, with this instant variation simply rip open the pouch, pour the powdered green tea into water, stir, and sip.

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