Is Costco open on Thanksgiving

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Costco is the ultimate bulk shopping destination, and Thanksgiving is a day filled with mountains of food, piles of desserts and plenty of family time; so it makes sense to wonder if the giant wholesale store is open on the massive holiday. It can be hard to find out exactly which stores are open during the holidays and if so what hours they are in business. Is Costco open on Thanksgiving?

Is Costco open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that requires a lot of planning. You can't wake up on the morning of Turkey Day and plan a dinner in just a few hours. But that doesn't mean that some essential items and necessities don't fall through the cracks or slip someone's mind. Plenty of Americans run out on the holiday to grab some last-minute necessities. 

Whether its paper plates because your cousin is bringing all of her toddlers that can't handle china, gluten-free rolls because your Aunt is bringing her new gluten-intolerant boyfriend or just grabbing more pies because, well its pie, Turkey Day supply runs always happen. 

So is Costco open on Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Every Costco store nationwide will be closed on Thanksgiving so their employees can spend the holiday with family, friends and other loved ones. However don't get into a Costco deprived depression, the giant retailer will be open bright and early the next day on Black Friday.


Is Costco open on Thanksgiving

That's right, some locations open as early as 7 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. You can find out the exact hours of your local Costco store here using their online store locator. But there is still plenty of time to do a Costco run before the edible-fueled holiday. The day before Thanksgiving anyone can visit the store to grab any essentials for the next day. 

So when someone asks is Costco open on Thanksgiving? You may break their heart by saying no, but at least there will be stuffing and mashed potatoes that day to make everything better.

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