Is Wawa open on Christmas

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The wonderful jolly holiday known as Christmas is almost here, and it brings a lot of family time, delicious food and some questions as well. Questions like Is Wawa open on Christmas? It's a common thought to wonder- most people end up needing many last-minute items on the holiday, whether it be ice, batteries, napkins, milk (for cookies of course), ice cream (to go with pie) or just some aspirin (relatives, am I right?) Wawa seems to have it all. 

Is Wawa open on Christmas? 

Other than the chain having plenty of last-minute essentials, Wawa is a habitual routine for most east-coasters during their morning activities. Grabbing a quick coffee, sweet danish or screen-prompted savory breakfast sandwich is the start to most people's days. People don't wake up un-hungry and not needing caffeine on Christmas, so it only makes sense to wonder if the popular store will be operating on the holy holiday. 

So is Wawa open on Christmas? Yes, it is! Most Wawa locations will be open on Christmas; it's a miracle! Some will even be open for 24 hours, meaning you can pick up some band-aids after suffering battle wounds from wrapping last-minute presents, or Egg Nog after your relatives leave (the copious amounts of alcohol you may have to provide for yourself) or maybe some coffee to fuel your night full of constructing intricate dollhouses for your kiddos (thanks a lot for the NASA-level toy Aunt Sandy.)

Is Wawa open on Christmas


You can check what hours Wawa will be open on any holiday and in which area here using their online store locator website. 

So when someone asks you is Wawa open on Christmas? You can happily say yes and show them this article as proof, you will probably be making all of their holiday dreams come true. Happy Holidays everyone!

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