Is Wawa open on New Year's Day

Wawa is an essential spot for many people PHOTO: Getty 

During the holiday season, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to knowing which stores and spots are open and which are closed. Especially an essential spot like Wawa, many people wonder if the popular chain opens its doors on the first day of the year. Is Wawa open on New Year's Day?

Is Wawa open on New Year's Day?

Wawa is a necessity for many people, it makes complete sense that it's a common question to wonder if you can grab your everyday items on New Year's Day at the hotspot. Some people can't start their day without their Wawa coffee (and doughnut, well.. doughnuts), their made-to-order from the screen breakfast sandwiches and perhaps an impulse hash brown purchase when waiting in line. 

Others need Wawa for their mid-day crash; there are sodas, snacks, energy drinks and much more being sold that help plenty of people function during the day. And let's be honest, after a night of binge drinking on New Year's Eve, Wawa has just what you need to nurse your hangover. Whether its Advil (the struggle is real), Gatorade (get those electrolytes in), a sub (or hoagie, whatever you call it), some ice cream (hungover breakfast= Ben and Jerry's) or maybe some red solo cups (ever hear of hair of the dog?) Wawa just seems to have it all.

Is Wawa open on New Year's Day


So is Wawa open on New Year's Day? Yes, it is! Some stores will even be open for 24 hours so you'll have plenty of time to purchase candy, snacks, soda and so much more. You can check what hours Wawa will be open on any holiday and in which area here using their online store locator website. 

So when someone asks you, is Wawa open on New Year's Day? You can say yes emphatically and show them this article as proof. Start your 2019 off right and stop into your local Wawa for some delicious treats.

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