For Simon Doonan, the creative ambassador-at-large for Barneys New York, style extends beyond the fashion racks. We tapped him for some Halloween decorating ideas at a dinner party hosted by Ravenswood Wines -- which, given its logo features a spooky ring of ravens, should be your go-to pour this Oct. 31. Doonan's advice (for all the grown-ups out there) is to forgo the traditional black and orange in favor of what he calls "gothic glamour" -- "sort of like when Cher went through that gothic period, where everything was somber: lots of purples and velvets," he says. You want it to be "creepy but glamorous."

Cater to your crowd

For children: “Black and orange is great. With kids you have to be careful not to scare the crap out of them, so it has to stay quite playful.”

For cool cats: “If you’re a young couple living in Brooklyn, then you need to go full-on heavy metal and really get the Metallica going and go more pop-gothic. Really go a bit crazy and subversive.”


Pull off gothic glam with ...

Tarot cards
. “Everybody has their own little Halloween obsessions. Me, I love tarot cards,” says Doonan. I still look at them and feel vaguely uneasy. They are creepy because you always think she’s gonna pull out the grim reaper.”

in “somber, romantic, blood” colors.

Urns. To Doonan, they represent “glamorous death” and “look like things you keep your granny’s ashes in.”

It’s all about the costume

1 Pick a direction.

“Am I gonna do fashion-y, am I gonna be hideous, am I gonna flaunt myself a bit? Maybe you’re single and you’re looking for a new boyfriend — it’s a good time to throw on the fishnets.”

2. Present a different side of yourself.

“If you’ve got amazing legs but never show them off, then wear something short. Show off a feature that you don’t normally rub in other people’s faces that you’re secretly quite proud of.”

3. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a current celeb.

“There’s always the celebrity of the moment. Last year it was all ‘Jersey Shore,’ — spray tan, Ed Hardy and off you go.”

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