The scientists will be working with the U.S. Forest Service at the Parks DepartmenDigital Vision

Alley Pond Park may be the second largest park in Queens, New York, but it is one of the first urban forests in the network to be wired with Smart Forest technology.


Scientists from Drexel University are lending a hand by aiding the U.S. Forest Service and NYC Parks and Recreation collect data ranging from precipitation, air and soil temperature, phenology and solar radiation. They will be able to monitor ecological change over temporal and special gradients simply by installing environmental sensors and wireless communication, similar to several other ‘”experimental forests” across the nation.


“These partnerships help us bring Forest Service science and discovery to the city,” Michael T. Rain, director of the Northern Research Station and Forest Products Laboratory, says in a statement. “With our partners we are … enabling communities to better manage the 138 million acres of urban forest that grace and bring vibrancy to our cities and towns across America.”


Alley Pond Park is considered to be one of New York City’s last “old growth forests.” Thus, regulating what’s happening at this location will serve as a measuring stick reference as attempts are made to restore other natural areas.