"My First Juices & Smoothies" came out this month. Credit: Provided "My First Juices & Smoothies" came out this month.
Credit: Provided

If you want your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, it all comes down to how you market and present 'em. Nutritionist and TV presenter for U.K.'s Living Health Channel Amanda Cross has discovered a way to get kids to devour the produce aisle's finest: serve them in smoothie form.

Her new book, "My First Juices And Smoothies," features more than 60 recipes that ensure that your kids will get their needed servings of fruits and vegetables. And these aren't the type of smoothies that make even adults want to gag. Not only are the ingredients simple, fresh fruit (peaches, grapes, oranges...), the bright colors and names make them fun.


The recipe for Berry Cherry Sparkles calls for sparkling water, making it seem like a fizzy "grown-up drink." Sweet And Sour combines mango, oranges, cranberries and honey, which gives the drink a pretty sunset hue. Some of the drinks with greens or kiwi look like they glow.Besides recipes for juices and smoothies, the book also has instructions on how to freeze some to make colorfully striped ice-pops.

Get the recipe for Cross's Traffic Light smoothie below:

Traffic Light

3 kiwifruits
2/3 cup tangy flavored yogurt, such as lemon or orange
1 small mango
2 tablespoons orange or apple juice
1-2 teaspoons honey

1. Peel and coarsely chop the kiwifruits, then blend in a blender until smooth.
2. Spoon the kiwi mixture into two tall glasses. Top each glass with a spoonful of yogurt, spreading the yogurt all the way to the sides of the glasses.
3. Peel the mango, remove the pit and chop the flesh accordingly. Blend the mango to a puree with the orange or apple juice and spoon into the glasses. Top with another layer of yogurt.
4. Blend the raspberries and push through a strainer over a bowl to extract the seeds. Check their sweetness. You might need to stir a little honey if they're sharp.
5. Spoon the raspberry puree into the glasses.

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