Research has found that sites like Twitter and Facebook are actually making us dumberiStock

Several studies have found that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter erode our concentration, analytical reasoning and even social and economic development.

But a new network aims to change that. EdCast — which makes learning social — allows its users to absorb short-form “knowledge bites” written and curated by 100 experts, educators and influencers in different fields spanning architecture, technology, robotics and food sciences.

“Think of it as a Twitter for knowledge,” says founder and CEO Karl Mehta, himself a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and TEDx veteran. “Just like you go on Twitter three to five times a day to catch up on the news, you can check EdCast from your smartphone, get these tidbits on the latest research, findings or insights from the top influencers and academics, and learn something new and valuable in minutes.”

These "bites" can include a tutorialby EdCastexpert andmusic mogul Scooter Braun on how to create authentic PR to a video about nuclear security shared byformer Secretary of Defense William J. Perry.


But theStanford StartX company hopes to do far more than teach people stuff.“We want to create a whole new culture of lifelong learning,” says Mehta.

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