RiRi’s fashion bff might be known for campy antics and that Internet-breaking sheer Swarovski crystal gown the pop star wore to the 2014 CFDA awards. But this season, he’s got a new surprise.

What’s your starting point for Spring ’16?

I’m looking at the idea of exposure. I’m always trying to do things that people aren’t expecting of me. I’m thinking of something different than fun and campy. I definitely want people to know it’s for real and it’s not a joke. Even though I put beehives and big makeup looks on the runway, it’s cool clothes, and I want real women to wear them.

What real-women trends do you think are cool?


Girls have been into this easy thing. I haven’t been able to go on vacation, so I’m only looking at girls in New York City. Everyone is wearing breezy dresses and exposing their bra. It’s a cool, liberating thing that women don’t need to be tucked and pulled.

What do you do in your downtime during Fashion Week?

I love TV. I didn’t grow up with a TV. I’m from one of those households, super religious. I’m catching
up on movies. My boyfriend [Rihanna stylist Mel Ottenberg] is such a pop culture guru.

What are you watching?

I’m going back. I did a big “Sex and the City” run. I’ve started watching “Battlestar Galactica.” Have you seen the “Portlandia” episode where they lose their jobs because they’re binge-watching? I’m obsessed. It’s such a problem. “The Comeback” is also the best show. I watched it in real time because I was such a nut the first season.

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